Extensive Storm Damage Guidelines

Regarding the terrible storms and damage on December 1, 2018 – We are currently spending a good amount of time in Litchfield and the lake area, Raymond and Taylorville.

Our advice to those with property damage: Some IMPORTANT GUIDELINES for storm damages:

Most everyone is prone to panic- Please take your time to make good choices that will last a long time… We are concerned for everyone and their damages, but importantly the elderly.

Many have had visitors the morning after storm on Sunday. The contractors asked for signed contracts at that time. PLEASE don’t rush into that type of commitment so quickly. BEFORE DOING SO CHECK LOCAL: Speak with your insurance, most insurance provide one or two years to complete claim. Speak with your city officials, they are here to help.

Many public service announcements are in local papers and radios to advise our residents. City ordinances have strict guidelines on being with an Illinois Licensed contractor with proper insurances. This will protect their business and YOU as a customer. Speak with your family and trusted friends to guide you.

We suggest to use local contractors whom you can trust and depend on anytime. Be cautious and be a good neighbor- not just in a crisis as now with structure damage…..but everyday.

BUILDING CODES for ROOFING from Litchfield Building & Zoning Department:

City of Litchfield, Illinois
Building & Zoning Dept.
120 E. Ryder
Phone (217)324-8140
www.cityoflitchfieldil.com                        gbaker@cityoflitchfieldil.com

The City of Litchfield is currently following the 2015 IBC and IRC codes.

The City does require Ice Barrier installed in all valleys and 24 inches into any conditioned space at all eaves.

The City requires drip edge installed at perimeter.

A minimum of ½ inch roof sheathing with plywood clips and minimum 15lb. felt underlayment.

** Alternatives may be accepted if they meet or exceed these specifications and the Local Building Codes.

All roof work does require a Litchfield Building Permit.

If a job is found being completed without a permit, all work will be ordered to cease until permitted and violators are subject to a fine of up to $750.00 per day of violation.

Standard permit fee will be $30.00

If structural damage is found, there may be additional fees to the permit at the Building Inspector’s discretion.

Inspections will be required when damaged material has been removed and before sheathing is covered. Also upon completion will require a final inspection.

Inspections require 24 hour notice.

Thank you !

Gary W. Baker
City of Litchfield
Building Inspector
120 E. Ryder
Litchfield, IL. 62056
(217) 324-8140